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The Larus Foundation works with universities, nonprofits, and other organizations to promote Internet Governance and address complex internet challenges amongst the youth. Our partners contribute their ideas, platforms and venues, volunteer power and in-kind support to help us organize internships, trainings and workshops to students all around the globe.

New business partnership

Our Fellowship

The Fellowship Program is designed to inspire more young people into number policy making and future Internet governing by sponsoring them to take part in different RIR (Regional Internet Registry) meetings and engage in the policy-making discussion to help build a better Internet for future generations.

Teen study group


Participating in policy making ,pushing policy making ideas as you help promote the foundation and our fellowship programmes. As you support in operations, we will have experts and knowledgeable volunteers to educate and help push on policy matters and internet governance awareness. Assistance in pushing for financial donations as it is key to our continued success and contribution to the public.

Young Volunteers
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